Crosscurrents Series

The CROSSCURRENTS concert series blends natural and cultural heritage in music, storytelling, living history and color slides. Songs and tales of landscapes and special places, waterways both fresh and salt, the adventures of strong women and the magic of the seasonal round create and celebrate a sense of place. Workshops and residencies in music and storytelling, ritual dance and drama and in using arts and folklore for environmental and cultural heritage education are also available, as are research publications and consulting in heritage interpretation.

Since 1986, I have been researching and presenting traditional music, living history, and heritage interpretation under the banner of Crosscurrents: Sense of Place in Song and Story, Bluewater and Whitewater Music.

This work has taken me down wild rivers in every province and territory in Canada; to a Russian monastery and an Icelandic glacier; to a shamanic workshop on the ancient Vikings; and to untold maritime adventures, from being rescued by a Newfoundland dog in Boston Harbor to sailing a tall ship in Penobscot Bay. And then there was celebrating my birthday at a whisky distillery...not to mention current adventures of rearchitecting this website and running a monthly chantey sing at MIT.

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