33 Years of Song and Story

2012 marks the 30th anniversary of Lynn's first album and thus the launch of Crosscurrents Music.  This site showcases Lynn's solo work as a singer and storyteller for concerts, folk festivals, and heritage sites. Crosscurrents' three main themes are rivers and sea music, living history of adventurous women (A Woman's Way, Lisette's Journey, and Gudrid the Wanderer), and the seasonal round. Crosscurrents Music also hosts recordings and songbooks, press kit, and resource links to words/music &c. 

Lynn performs with multiple performing groups with their own websites. The five-piece Gloucester Hornpipe and Clog Society offers traditional maritime, Celtic, and colonial music since 1976 in New England. She is a session leader for the monthly MIT Chantey Sing and the founding moderator of the Northeast Chantey Sings Yahoo! group, featuring the most complete events calendar for maritime music between New York and Newfoundland. Lynn sing in various duo and trio combinations with David KesslerKen MattssonDiane Taraz, and others, and for five years booked and managed the sea music cruise/stage at the Boston Folk Festival. Contact info@lynnoel.com to help put together the right group for your event.

Lynn has been an active leader and teacher in the folk dance and theatre community since 1974, though sidelined by injuries in recent years. As a morris dancer and fool, she has most recently been Fool for the English performing dance group Red Herring Morris, and founding Squire of the improvisational street theatre brigade of the Paper Bag Mummers.  Both groups are available for fairs, festivals, parties, and public or private events. Lynn also offers workshops on English mumming and fooling, exploring the archetype of the Wise Fool in unexpected contexts from weddings to the workplace.